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May 2020

May 2020 ... unusual times but progress is being made

First of all, I'd like to thank all my readers for buying my books over the past year or so, for supporting me and visiting my website, Facebook and Instagram pages. It's good to keep in touch.

Update on my new book

The most exciting thing is that I have finished the first draft of book three. There's still a long way to go but I hope my readers will experience lots of different emotions as they read the final and dramatic part of the trilogy. Now it is all about editing and deciding how to publish. As many of you know I independently published Three Round Towers and Retribution, both of which have been good quality physical books, worthy of your bookshelves.

The main reason for independently publishing my books is it enables me to keep control. I am a member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (SWWJ) and I could take advantage of their publishing arm, Scriptora, but like every other industry in these troubled times there is a backlog. Who knows when everything will be up and running properly again?

Other News

Other excitements in this stay-at-home environment, where even making a cup of fresh coffee has its own drama, are that I have opened an Instagram account and put up some posts that maybe of interest. My particular favourite is the bees nest in my garden. I’ve even sent it to the BBC's Springwatch! I am easily pleased nowadays. Why not have a look?

Finally, I would sincerely like to thank all the readers who tell me how much they enjoy the books and I am particularly grateful to the reader who believes in me enough to put them forward for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club, which is part of Jo Whiley’s broadcast, I believe. Thank you, everyone. I can’t explain how uplifting it is to receive such positive feedback, and it gets me through these anxious days with a spring in my step.

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