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First of all, I'd like to thank all my readers for buying my books, supporting me and visiting my web page. Already much has happened this year. I'm particularly pleased to report that I am well on the way with my third book (around 40,000 words so far). This is the final one of the trilogy. As you can imagine, Esther is at the centre of things and her adventures continue to evolve and test her mettle in new and unexpected ways. Some new key characters have entered her life, but who knows yet what impact they will have. I'll keep you posted!


All the best, Beverley


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16 Feb 2020: A busy week for me. On Tuesday a young lady is coming down to Lewes from London (hopefully by train if it hasn't been washed away) to take a tour of the Three Round Tower and Retribution sites. More on that later if she likes what she sees!

Also, on Friday I am giving a talk to the Lewes Riverside Club who will be at the Cliffe Church Hall adjacent to St. Thomas a Becket Church at 2.00 pm. Really looking forward to that as I think I will know quite a few of the people attending who perhaps shared my childhood experiences of growing up on the Nevill Estate. Those were the days - so much freedom! Please come if you can.


In amongst these events, I am hosting afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches (crusts cut off) and 'homemade' cakes courtesy of Waitrose and then there is a day for the grandchildren aged 1 and 3 who run me ragged!

25 Oct 2019Having been asked to submit a 500-word piece story for my local writing group, I decided to tackle a local 'weighty' subject - Gabriel, the town bell. The theme was 'Saved'. You can read my piece here (on my 'Other Writing' page) and I'd be delighted to hear your reaction (use my contact info below). It's my fictional interpretation of this amazing bell's 500-year history in Lewes. 



View from the bell tower

over Market St, Lewes

Gabriel in action

My name is Beverley and I am the author of two historical novels set in Lewes, East Sussex, England, in the 1790's. I am currently writing a third book to complete the trilogy. The stories centre around the main character Esther, a young woman having to find her own way in life without family support or any financial means. Her life is tough and dangerous, but she is made of strong stuff, often showing true courage as well as compassion to overcome the cruel hand life has dealt her.

The titles of my books are Three Round Towers and Retribution. I will let you know the title of the third as soon as it emerges! Both my books are available to buy direct from the publishers, Troubador, or via Amazon. Simply click the relevant 'BUY IT' button below. They are also available locally in Lewes, East Sussex, at Sussex Stationers and Boon Books, both in the High Street.


I am available to do Talks, Book Signings and meet with Book Groups to discuss the novels, my characters, where I get my inspiration from and what might come next in the lives of my protagonists. I really enjoy hearing your views and thoughts about my books, so please do get in touch and let me know if you are interested in arranging an event.

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If you'd like to read a Preview from each of my novels, then just click on the 'Preview' button underneath the relevant book ... and enjoy! For detailed synopses of each book, continue scrolling down.

This is the first book where the story begins. 


ISBN 978-1-78306-420-5 (Matador) 2014


This first story is set in the late 18th Century against a background of the three round towered churches of Lewes, Southease and Piddinghoe, alongside the sullen and often dangerous River Ouse.

The tale is told through the eyes of Esther Coad who scrapes an uncertain living as a servant in the tiny village of Hamsey before fate brutally intervenes and a tragedy forces her to flee downstream to Lewes carrying an unwanted newborn in her inexperienced arms.  Alone and friendless, with no food for the child, Esther uses every ounce of her strength to protect the baby from the malice that surrounds them both.

A resourceful nature, and a compelling desire to provide for the child, gives Esther the courage to go on and she seeks and finds friends in Lewes who stand by her when she is accused of murder and kidnap.  Smugglers and press gangs are part of her fight for survival but Esther's story could be that of any bright young impoverished woman of that period. Historically, it was a time when the poor and friendless suffered a difficult existence with starvation and rampant disease never far away.


I have been inspired by the landscapes around my home town of Lewes and have tried to bring a sense of time and place to highlight a turbulent period of history. I couldn't write a novel about Lewes without mentioning the bonfire traditions of that time.

Paperback £8.99; ebook £4.50 available via 'Buy It' button above.

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This is the second book in my unfolding trilogy. The final book is taking shape - watch this space.


ISBN 978-1-78901-581-2 (Matador) 2018

Following the success of Three Round Towers, Retribution follows the unfolding story of Esther in 18th Century Lewes.

It's 1796 and Esther Coad looks forward to marriage and future happiness in this sequel to Three Round Towers set in the East Sussex town of Lewes. She hopes to continue nursing and midwifery training with her friend Dr. Grieve, despite her husband-to-be’s reservations; but there are some who will stop at nothing to bring down Esther and the child Beth, whose birth is at the heart of this tale.  Smuggling, kidnap and murder combine to defeat Esther, who struggles to find the wherewithal to survive and protect Beth from lasting harm.

It is not by choice that Esther is forced to travel beyond the borders of East Sussex; a journey from which there appears to be no return, that will either destroy her or enlarge her horizons with the possibility of  different ways of living.

Factual snippets from the local newspaper - Sussex Weekly Advertiser and Lewes Journal – and other nationally important documents set the scene for this new novel and put the difficulties of Esther’s life in context.  Will she at last find happiness, security and the respect or condemnation of Lewes townspeople?

Paperback £9.99; ebook £4.50 available via 'Buy It' button above.

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